Ukraine’s Top Activist for The Disabled Pleads for End to Brutal War

Oleksiy Zhuravko is a former Ukraine MP. He was the ombudsman for the disabled in Ukraine, and started several foundations employing more than 3500 disabled people all across Ukraine.

He was kicked out of Ukraine last year for his politics – he did not agree with the Maidan overthrow.

Albeit a disabled man with no legs and only one arm, he is charged with terrorism in Ukraine for speaking out against the Ukrainian government killing and maiming its own citizens – and making countless more disabled.

Dear friends,

A few days ago I wrote a post about what kind of pictures I want to see Ukrainian people posting.  And here is another example of good and horrible pictures. 

First we see a young mother playing with her baby daughter, and then we see the mother and the daughter walking together towards the sun – a metaphor for moving together towards a bright future.


The last photos are beyond horrible – war has taken the lives of both the mother and her young child.

Its 8,494 kilometers from Donetsk to Washington, DC.  The distance between Lugansk and Brussels is 2,880 km.  The distance between Gorlovka and Berlin is 2,059 km.  It is easy to live in those wonderful cities, so far from this war, and talk about how horrible the people of Donbass are, without seeing the horrors that the Kiev government (with the support of the above mentioned capitals) inflicts on women and children on a daily basis.

Dear friends, I, as a citizen of Ukraine do not want to see horrible pictures like these ones.  I do not want to hear the word “war”.  I don’t want to see blood.  And my biggest dream today is for this war to end as soon as possible.

I want see love and happiness.  I want to hear children laughing.  I want to see young mothers playing with their kids in parks.

I my last post I gave an example of Nick Vujicic and his family – smiling parents and a happy child.  And that is what I wish all of you.

I know that the vast majority of Ukrainians don’t want this war – we are a peaceful people.  People with a long history of creating things, not destroying them.  So why do we let out government send young Ukrainian men to kill other Ukrainians in this civil war?

I know that people of the world, people of the United States and Europe are peaceful people, who hate war.  However, I also know that most in the West are misled about this war, and don’t see the pictures of innocents suffering at the hands of the Ukrainian army.  A Ukrainian army and government that have unconditional support from the West. 

Dear friends!  War is a very profitable business.  Vast riches can be made on human suffering (President Poroshenko, for example, made 7 times more money last year, than he had made the previous year).  We cannot wait while the people profiting from deaths of Ukrainians will get tired of this war – they won’t.  They will never stop this war until people speak up – both Ukrainians at home, and people in the West against their governments’ support of Kiev’s war.

When thousands of people have already died, staying quiet and not doing anything is unacceptable.

Ukrainians! People of the world!  We want peace!  But only together we can stop this war!  Stop being quite while thousands perish, and hundreds of thousands suffer!  Stop quietly waiting for all of this to stop by itself.  Speak up! Write to you politicians!  Come out to protest!  Demand for an end to this war!  Only together can we make sure that a road to the future for other mothers and kids is not tragically cut short like it was in these pictures! 

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