Ukrainian opposition moves to scrap nuclear deal with Russia

Ukrainian opposition leader Vyacheslav Kirilenko submitted a bill to parliament on Tuesday terminating an agreement between Ukraine and Russia to complete construction at two nuclear power units at the Khmelnitskaya nuclear power plant.

Kirilenko, leader of the For Ukraine opposition faction in the Supreme Rada, said in an accompanying letter that recent blasts at Japanese nuclear plants are evidence of the hazards posed by nuclear power.

It said the Ukrainian-Russian intergovernmental agreement on the construction of Khmelnitskaya’s Units 3 and 4 was “nontransparent and non-beneficial for Ukraine, its economic interests and energy security.”

According to Russian state-controlled nuclear corporation, Rosatom, it would cost $5-6 billion to complete the project.

The two units are due to go on line in 2016-17.

KIEV, March 15 (RIA Novosti)

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