UN Syria Envoy Annan to Visit Moscow This Week

Backed by Russian weapons and the guarantee of Russia that it will support Assad by the killing of woman and children, Assad ordered to crack down the protests last year. Up to that point, there were non violent protests. Some commenting protests on walls, others complaining over the internet. Until Russia assured Assad it will supply everything Assad need to kill civilians so in Moscow a few rich people can drive big cars. Assad understood this very well, had the public protesters, who at that point were still unarmed cornered, and used all the weapons he got from Russia to crack down. He thought it would be as swift as in the 80’s where the regime also killed woman and children. This time, however, his use of violence was answered by BOTH the protesters who managed to get weapons from Iraq and other problematic regions and thus the unarmed protesters who faced Russian weaponry chose this time to reply weapons with weapons. Some months later the first groups of fighters from Afghanistan and other countries joined. Including Al-Qaida. Now he has it, he produced the magnet to attract terrorists into the country. All backed by Putin who considers even the Russian people as his low life slaves, and thus Syrians are in his eyes probably not even humans.
Now the ball is at those who planned the crack down (Putin and Assad), they now hold the full responsibility and should find a solution to this problem they deliberately created so a few rich people in Moscow can drive big cars.

I hope they understand they created a mess here and will clean it. And right now there are 2 options for Russia. Either it totally takes of it’s hands and recognize the universal human rights and stops delivering the weapons Assad need to kill woman and children. Or it admits it has done wrong, and fixes it by sending Russian warplanes to kill all woman and children in Syria. There are not many options left for the Russian dictatorship. Both ways, they have to admit they made a wrong choice by supporting the killing of woman and children. Either they admit it and stop it, or they admit it and finish what Assad can’t finish.

In both cases however, we in Russia have to bear the consequences, because on the terrorists list Russia is now nr1, and beaten even the USA as most hated country by the Muslims. Soon a few billion of those people will start the planning on terrorists attack against Russia.

Thank you Mr. Putin! You sit high and dry with your big friends driving big cars, but we, the ordinary people on the street, who drive smaller cars, who don’t have protection, who sit in the metro, who live in normal housing blocks.. we will be the first targets of those extremists! Thank you very much!

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