United Russia member dismisses official car price cap as ‘populism’

Sergei Neverov, a lawmaker and a senior member of the pro-Kremlin United Russia party dismissed as “populism” the opposition’s proposal to limit the price of official cars.

Numerous proposals to limit the purchase of excessively luxurious cars for state officials have recently been voiced by the A Just Russia party and the Communists. According to one of them, cars bought on state funds should not cost more than two million rubles (about $63,000).

Neverov said every organization should make its own decision according its budget.

“I don’t think this should be fixed by the law for one simple reason – I’m convinced that this is a matter of ethics and the code of conduct,” the United Russia lawmaker told RIA Novosti. “This legislative control proposal sounds more like populism.”

“We should buy high-quality and safe cars, it could be domestically produced cars,” he said.

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