Urals Drug Police Find Gypsy Heroin in a Grave

Drug police in the Urals have busted a local drug dealing ring that kept its merchandise hidden in the tomb of a dealer’s relative, Russian Federal Drug Control Service said on Wednesday.

The stash was given away by a young woman from the gypsy community in the Tyumen region who was detained for drug dealing, the regional branch of drug police said on their website.

The woman, whose name was withheld, opted to give away her contacts in the drug dealing network and point out the locations of heroin shipments arriving from the neighboring Sverdlovsk Region, the report said.

One of the stashes, containing some 1,200 grams of heroin packaged for street sale, was located in the local graveyard, the package buried in the grave of the woman’s relative, drug police said.

A total of 25,000 doses of heroin were confiscated during the raid, the report said.


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