Venus Movement wants technology over politics

With the worldwide economy showing disarray and madness, one can’t help but question if flaws within modern society are to blame for the unrest and unjust across the globe.

Roxanne Meadows of the Venus Project thinks she might be able to change that.

“What we are introducing is a new method of organizing and running society based on the methods of science and technology applied to the social system,” Meadows told RT. By creating a resource-based economy using the marvels of modern technology, she said, goods can be more properly distributed and the world as we know it can operate more accordingly in a fashion which will cause improvements in our future.

Meadows says that “Today our technology is racing forward but our social design is thousands of years old.” She says the world is capable of producing in abundance, but instead corruption has caused for a system to be created in which the promotion of scarcity is what drives the world. Meadows says we have the resources to do that, and by organizing society in a new, better way, the world can adapt.

It will take more than just a little hope, however.

“It has to be global,” said Meadows. She added that as long as few nations control most of the earth’s resources, the world will have problems. The system, she said, is not run by the bottom up, but from the top down. “Those people that have money can influence people to their own ends.”

By using a society that makes the most of our modern achievements and eliminates monetary systems, Meadows said that we can change the world. “We are talking about a system where you don’t need money. You don’t need barter, credit or servitude of any kind,” she said.

“We have the technology. We maybe couldn’t have done it a hundred years ago but today we can do something like that. We can update our social system to fit in with our technological ability.”

In the meantime, said Meadows, scientists are bred to build bombs and make weapons. They’ve been condition in this system “just like everybody else.” It’s time, said Meadows, we change that.

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