Vilnius vendetta: mad mayor smashes parked car in APC

The mayor’s office of the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius, has published a video showing its head charging in an armored military vehicle over a Mercedes car parked in a bicycle lane.

Arturas Zuokas said he did it as a reminder to those who violate traffic regulations and park their auto illegally.

“If you have a car and a lot of money, it doesn’t mean you can park whenever you want. There has been an increasing number of such incidents lately, and with this action I want to remind, that behaving with a lack of respect to other people is wrong,”
he said in the video.

“I was taught to drive armored personnel carriers,” he also said puzzlingly, since he just sits atop the vehicle rather than controlling it in the footage.

Zuokas became the youngest mayor of Vilnius in 2000. In February 2011, he won a municipal election and took office for the second time.

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