Warlord Killed in Dagestan in Security Sweep

Police killed the leader of the Khasavyurt militant group in a security operation in the North Caucasus republic, the press office of the Russian Anti-Terrorism Committee reported on Sunday.

The operation was held in a private house in the village of Vinsovkhozny near Khasavyurt, in which police killed warlord Aslan Mamedov born in 1986. Mamedov, nicknamed Muas, was on the federal wanted list, the committee said in a statement.

Mamedov was third in the militant hierarchy of Dagestan, an Emir of Dagestan’s northern sector and head of the Khasavyurt gang, the statement said.

“The National Anti-Terrorism Committee notes that the elimination of such an odious warlord as Mamedov is a serious blow on Dagestan militants,” the statement said.

More that a decade after the end of a federal war against separatists in Russia’s North Caucasus republic of Chechnya, Russian security forces continue to fight militants in other regions in the area, including Dagestan, where attacks on security forces, police and civilians are frequent.


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