Washington to send U.S. servicemen to maintain airbase in Poland

Polish Defense Minister, Bogdan Klich and U.S. ambassador to Poland, Lee Feinstein signed an agreement, stipulating deployment of 20 U.S. servicemen for maintaining fighters at the U.S. air detachment in Poland, Polish TV said on Monday.

In late May Washington and Warsaw agreed to create a permanent deployment of U.S. Air Force assets in Poland that would service F-16 fighter jets, Hercules transport planes, and land personnel periodically visiting Poland for the military exercises.

The first servicemen, responsible for maintaining F-16s and Hercules transport planes, are expected to arrive in Poland in 2012. The planes could arrive as early as in 2013.

Russia warned Poland against hosting U.S. fighter jets, saying it would counter the move.

WARSAW, June 13 (RIA Novosti)

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