Wehrmacht; Racist Arrested After Stabbing Migrant

A man suspected of stabbing a migrant in the Moscow metro whilst dressed as a wartime German soldier has been arrested just outside Moscow, the Ministry of Internal Affairs website reported on Monday.

The 25-year-old man from Khimki near Moscow entered the metro in May 2011 dressed in a wartime Wehrmacht uniform. He began insulting people of non-European appearance and giving the Nazi salute, and then stabbed a migrant passenger in the chest.

He was arrested on the February 13, 2012, but the arrest was not previously reported.

Upon searching the man’s apartment, investigators found radical literature, swastika stickers, and videos from the Russian National Union, an organization recognized as extremist. The suspect was a member of an informal right-wing youth movement, investigator say, and regularly kept in touch with neo-Nazis abroad.

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