When ex-Russian spy catwalked at Moscow Fashion Week

It was not a typical catwalk at the Moscow Fashion Week, but then Anna Chapman isn’t any typical catwalk model either.

Chapman, who was unmasked as Russian spy working in America by the FBI last year, made a surprise appearance at the Moscow Fashion Week in a fur-lined jacket and black leather trousers, the Daily Mail reported.

Although the male model by her side, Russian singer Dima Bilan, looked relaxed, the gun that Anna Chapman held to his throat during her catwalk was not any toy but a real weapon, which the 29-year-old is licensed to carry.

However, despite her past in espionage, she did not seem totally at home in handling the weapon, managing to drop it as she took to the catwalk, causing consternation among KGB veterans.

‘For a special agent, a gun is part of your profession. It is sacred and such a careless attitude to it is simply unacceptable,’ one told the local media.

After modelling lingerie and securing her own TV show, Chapman is now poised to become a Russian MP representing prime minister Vladimir Putin’s party.

The divorced wife of a former British public schoolboy whose surname she still uses, Chapman is already an activist in the ‘Young Guard’ of the United Russia party, and is tipped to represent her home city of Volgograd in elections later this year.

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