When macho man Putin won drunken arm wrestling bout against US congressman decade ago

Russia News.Net
Saturday 14th September, 2013

Russian President Vladimir Putin reportedly arm -wrestled and easily beat a Republican congressman in a drunken bout at a Wahsington bar a decade ago.

Former Ronald Reagan speechwriter, Dana Rohrbacher, recalled in a radio interview how he lost the mini-bout.

Rohrbacher represented a Southern California district since 1989 and said that he met a group of young political leaders visiting from Russia in the early 1993s, one of whom was Putin, lesser known deputy mayor of St. Peterburg back then, New York Post reports.

The Congressman said that he and his right-wing friends ended up going to the Irish Times pub afterwards where they had too much of alcohol and started arguing about who won the Cold War and decided to settle it by arm-wrestling matches.

The report said that the Congressman ended up being paired with Putin, who put him down in a milli-second.

Rohrbacher said that Putin is a tough guy and that is what the Russian people want adding that it is not a reason they shouldn’t work with him. (ANI)

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