With Russian Cheese-Loving Liberals for Enemies Putin Needs no Friends

This article originally appeared at The Unz Review

Masha Gessen, the androgynous Tsarnaev sympathizer who shares her children with three mothers and five fathers (or something like that, not that I actually keep track), and stalwart enemy of the bloody Putin regime(TM), writes in the NYT:

It is cheese that Russians write home about when they go abroad. “It’s my first time in Europe after all that’s happened,” the journalist and filmmaker Inna Denisova, a critic of the annexation of Crimea, wrote on her Facebook page in February.

“And it’s exceedingly emotional. And of course it’s not seeing the historic churches and museums that has made me so emotional — it’s seeing cheese at the supermarket.

My little Gorgonzola. My little mozzarella. My little Gruyère, chèvre and Brie. I held them all in my arms — I didn’t even want to share them with the shopping cart — and headed for the cash register.”

There, Ms. Denisova wrote, she started crying. She ended her post with a sort of manifesto of Europeanness and a question: “Je suis Charlie et je suis fromage. I want my normal life back — can it be that it’s gone forever?”

What will those poor Russians possibly do without their little Gorgonzola and their little Gruyère?

I cri evrytiem. ((((

These are the same class of people who pay for subscriptions to Snob magazine. In my observations, European cheese is a favorite obsession of theirs. They are far more insufferable than the high flyers who plop down for multiple bottles of Dom Pérignon. At least with the latter one doesn’t usually have to suffer pretensions to sophistication.

With enemies like these, Putin needs no friends.

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