Woman runs down Casey Anthony look-alike

There could be a downside to looking a little bit too much like Casey Anthony, and an Oklahoma convenience store clerk can vouch that doubling as the doppelganger for the recently acquitted alleged baby killer isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

And, as a result of her remarkable resemblance, Sammay Blackwell of Chouteau, OK can truthfully say that the only thing that is cracked up now is her pickup truck.

Blackwell was working a shift at her shop a few days after the not guilty verdict came through when a suspicious woman walked into her store and eyeballed Blackwell. She says that customer Shireen Nally looked “strange, very suspicious” and, after meandering around the shop, told her that “You look like Casey Anthony.”

Just like the trial itself, the story doesn’t end right there where it should.

When Blackwell retired from her shift, she saw Nalley staring her down from her van. “I could almost see the whites of her eyes,” she says to KCTV News. “I proceeded to pull out of the parking lot, and she was right behind me.”

As Blackwell drove home, Nalley caught up with her a few miles down the road and proceeded to ram her van into the back of the fake Casey’s truck. A lot.

“She hit me again, causing my vehicle to flip two and a half times, landing on the driver’s side,“ says Blackwell. From there she played dead and waited for Nalley to disappear.

Police caught up with the suspect shortly after, and Nalley offered up this excuse: The victim was “trying to hurt babies” and she was on a mission “to stop it before it happened again.”

Authorities believe Nalley to be under the influence of drugs and booked her on a variety of charges, including battery with a deadly weapon and resisting arrest.

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