Woman Stuck in Trash Chute in Bid to Save Makeup

CHELYABINSK, December 13 (RIA Novosti) – A Russian woman in the city of Magnitogorsk had to be rescued from a trash chute on Wednesday after she got stuck trying to recover cosmetics she had accidentally thrown away, local emergency services said.

Neighbors called the emergency services in the middle of the night after hearing the 20-year old woman screaming for help.

The woman had become distressed after realizing she had thrown out a bag containing her brand new cosmetics. Wearing just a t-shirt, she went down to where the trash chute ends to see if she could recover it.

The trash chute hatch was missing, and she leaned into the gap that was left, lost her balance and fell. She remained stuck in the trash-filled chute, almost naked, until the emergency services arrived.

“The rescue workers had to cut the chute away with a blow-torch in a service area … so they could pull her out by hand,” the emergency services said.

Medics said she had not suffered any serious injury. Once freed, the woman continued to hunt through the trash for her cosmetics. After finding the bag, she calmed down and went home.


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