Yet another museum for Peterhof

The museums of Peterhof near St. Petersburg are broadening their domains. The Imperial Telegraph Station Museum has opened on July 21 and is ready to tell the story of optical telegraph’s development in Russia.

The new museum is occupying the historical building of the old Telegraph Station situated in the Alexandria Park in Peterhof. Constructed in 1858 by architect Andrey Stuckenschneider the building has not suffered much damage over the years. However it had undergone numerous changes. The Telegraph Station received its original shape thanks to the effort of The First Restoration Workshops of Peterhof.

The new museum’s display unveils the mysteries of the station workers’ day-to-day lives. Some ten halls try to recreate every detail that in the past were an important part of the operators’, messengers’ and receiving clerks’ work. Here you can find the director’s study, a common kitchen, operators’ rooms, reception desks and much more.

Apart from the working equipment the museum features essential household facilities including a vault and an ice cellar, house stables and a waste pit.

The second floor is invites visitors for an interactive study of the history of Russian optical telegraph, unveiling the evolution of technology and busting the mysteries of how the telegraph really works.

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