Yota Quits Belarus over Losses

Russian 4G Internet brand, Yota, will exit the Belarus market next week according to WiMAX operator Scartel, which owns Yota.

“Yota will stop its services provision in Belarus on June 11. [The company] plans to focus on its business development in Russia,” a Yota Belarus official told RIA Novosti late on Wednesday, adding that the company would return money for purchased equipment to clients.

Yota entered the Belarusian market in December 2011 with 4G broadband wireless Internet access – the first time this had been made available in Belarus. Experts the popularity of Yota has been undermined by the ongoing economic crisis in the country, and its small network coverage.

Scartel, in which state-owned Russian Technologies has a 25.1 percent stake, also operates in Nicaragua and Peru, outside Russia.


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