Young art against academism

The Moscow Modern Art Museum is once again showing the results of its school’s fight against conformism. The next exhibition of young art from the museum’s Free Workshops is set to reveal the progress.

­The display titled Workshop-2011 at Yermolaevsky Lane in Moscow spanned four floors and features around 100 works that were carefully selected by the curators of the school over the past several months. Students, often very young, come here to uncover their potential and drop the chains of academism.

Free Workshops, a school of art at the Moscow Modern Art Museum has been around for over ten years now, and ever since has been presenting the work of its students to public. This year the main theme, “Today / Tomorrow”, quite trivial and yet timely is revealed in all genres of actual art from objects, installations and video art, to graphic art, photography and painting.

­However, it is far too early to speak about firm concepts and mature ideas. Some of the artists whose works entered the display are just 18 years old. Most of the works have never been displayed to public before. That is why the youthful impulse that moved the creators is more than obvious in their work.

A separate section of the display is dedicated to short movies. And here is where youth’s ardor becomes most obvious. Many works are in this or that sense about love, feelings and dreams.

The organizers of the youth art festival hope that this sort of events will help to promote young art and present it to the galleries and art dealers, who are actually responsible for the artists’ success today.

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