Activist says NATO could turn on rebels

Human Rights Watch says there is evidence suggesting close cooperation between Gaddafi’s regime and Western intelligence agencies. Activist Marinella Correggia says it is no surprise that countries which had ties to Gaddafi have turned against him.

­“It is the common politics of Western powers – they do what they think is better for them,” said Correggia, an activist with Ecopeace. “The biggest US enemy, Osama bin Laden, was their friend at the beginning, in Afghanistan. Italy relied on the Libyan regime against Islamist groups. Now they think they can control these Islamist groups because they gave them military support and money. Now the West prefers to side with Islamist and racist groups.”

Correggia also maintained that we might see NATO turn against the rebels if they do not fulfill expectations.

“NATO will put pressure on the rebels because they are very much dependant on NATO and the West,” she explained. “They will threaten them, they will not give them enough money.”

The new Libyan leadership announced that work should resume at two oil fields by next week; five foreign companies already work the fields. Libya’s future relies on getting that industry in full swing again, and it has to have some external help. But according to Correggia, it will soon change.

“Now the [new Libyan leadership] can have a much better deal, there will be a lot of fighting between Western powers,” she said. “The main Italian newspaper said Italy did not do enough in the war and France will profit more. This is a dirty war. And it is not yet over.”

She also stated that oil revenues did indeed go to the Libyan people during Gaddafi’s rule.

“I’ve been to Libya, they have good houses and food; a lot of money was going to African countries for Africa’s development,” she said. “Oil revenues were distributed, but I doubt it will continue to happen.”

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