Record crowds protest in Israel

Hundreds of thousands of anti-government protesters have taken to the streets of Israeli cities demanding “social justice.” The rally has already been called the largest in the history of the Jewish state.

­According to local media, more than 400,000 Israelis took to the streets in cities across the country on Saturday night. More than 300,000 are said to be protesting in Tel Aviv near the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s residence, and more than 100,000 demonstrated elsewhere, particularly in Haifa and Jerusalem. 

The estimated figures were record breaking, exceeding even the 300,000 people who took part in similar demonstration on August 6. 

Organizers have been dubbing the rally the “Million Man March,” hoping that 1 million people will turn out on the streets of Israel.

There have not been any reports from the police yet.

Many Israelis are angry with living costs and the government’s handling of social issues, including education and health care. People say it is simply too expensive to live in Israel.

The protestors want Prime Minister Netanyahu to enact economic reforms. A committee to examine the call for reforms has been formed, but the prime minister has warned he cannot meet all the protesters’ demands.

The most recent demonstration marked the eighth week in a row of protests around Israel. The “Million Man March” movement began in mid-July when some angry Israelis set up protest tents in Tel Aviv and other cities across the country.

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