Airbus surprised by Aeroflot’s plan to tighten cooperation terms

The European aircraft-building company Airbus is surprised by media reports on Aeroflot’s intention to tighten the terms of bilateral cooperation, Airbus Vice President in Europe, Asia and the Pacific Christopher Buckley said on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, a source in Aeroflot told the media that Aeroflot considered tightening its partnership with Airbus over the alleged breach of contract terms by Airbus for the supply of airliners.

Under the deal, Airbus is to supply Aeroflot with nine or ten A330s and three A321s.

“This opinion does not express the company’s position,” Buckley said.

Buckley said Airbus was proud of its relations with Aeroflot and was surprised by the words expressed yesterday.

Buckley added that Aeroflot was one of the largest Airbus clients on the European market. “We have good business relationships.”

Buckley said such a statement could have been made due to a conflict two months ago when other airlines were quicker than Aeroflot to decide on buying two Airbus 330s offered by the European conglomerate.

Buckley said Airbus had found another A330 aircraft, which could be delivered to Aeroflot in November 2011.

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