American Spring: Brooklyn Bridge shut down by protesters

Thousands of protesters who have been camping out near Wall Street have spilled out onto the roadway, causing the Brooklyn Bridge to be shut down.

The clash and confrontation between NYPD and thousands of protesters took place on New York’s Brooklyn Bridge.

The demonstration started by Wall Street and then protesters rallied toward the Brooklyn Bridge. When they got on the bridge, the police cordoned off both sides of the Brooklyn Bridge and started to move in on the protesters to make arrests for blocking traffic and disorderly conduct.

The protesters were banging drums and chanting, “The whole world is watching!” Police moved in, there were paddywagons brought to the scene, and things got very physical, RT’s New York correspondent reported. At least 400 people have been arrested, including a New York Times reporter.

Witnesses say it is impossible to even count the amount of police officers that were dispatched to the scene. Clashes erupted, and they got violent.

This is the most recent incident that has taken place in New York in past weeks. Last weekend police used netting to arrest demonstrators who were camped out on Wall Street.

“Occupy Wall Street” is a group of Americans that have called on those that are frustrated about the economic situation in America right now to come down, rally and voice their opposition.

Right from the beginning of this protest two weeks ago, media reported on the crackdown on protesters by the NYPD. The conflict is evolving week by week, and is clearly getting much more confrontational.

“Occupy Wall Street” are protesting against corporate greed and social inequality. The group has been criticized by mainstream media for not having one unified message. However, what unifies them is their frustration over the US economy, over the fact that people are losing their jobs, people cannot get jobs, and people are struggling to find money to make ends meet.

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