Kadyrov to hold Q&A session on Sunday

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov will hold a question and answer session on Chechen TV channel live on Sunday, Chechen government’s press service said.

“The session will be broadcast on Grozny satellite TV channel. Both Russian residents and people who live abroad can ask the head of Republic a question,” a government’s spokesperson said.

Kadyrov is usually asked to settle social issues, including healthcare, housing and education-related problems.

Chechen leader, who Kadyrov turns 35 on October 5, banned any celebrations of his birthday in the republic and said he would sack any official, who tries to make him a birthday present.

This day will coincide with the Grozny City Day, and the North Caucasus republic will mark its capital’s holiday with grand celebrations.

“There will be no festivities devoted to my birthday. I strongly forbid to devote any celebrations to my birthday, regardless of where they are held. I also warn that anyone, who even tries to make me a present on this day, will be sacked immediately,” Kadyrov said.

“We will have a major holiday on October 5, we will celebrate the Day of the City of Grozny and inaugurate the Grozny-City business center,” the republic’s leader said.

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