Libyan authorities voice readiness for peaceful settlement

   The Libyan Government is prepared to help resolve the situation in the country. This was stated by Tripoli representatives at a meeting, which took place on Friday in Addis Ababa under mediation of the African Union.

    The meeting in Ethiopia, in which a Libyan government delegation met with five African heads of state, aimed at presenting a road map to encourage political reform in the North African country. The talks were an attempt to ‘foster an exchange of views in order to take action on the situation in Libya and to seek ways towards a swift solution to the crisis’.

  The Government of Libya has agreed to accept the mission of the African Union that would monitor the ceasefire. In return the Libyan authorities have demanded the cessation of bombing raids, a removal of the naval blockade and economic embargo.

   The African Union proposed on Thursday to hold a meeting of the Libyan authorities and the opposition in Addis Ababa. The negotiations were attended by the Speaker of the Libyan Parliament and four government ministers. The opposition did not send their representatives.

   Meanwhile, in Libya the western coalition aircraft continued bombing raids on the country, targeting forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi.


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