‘Nicholas Roerich painting’ found in Russia’s Altai

An oil painting believed to have been produced by Russian artist Nicholas Roerich has been uncovered in a village in South Siberia’s remote Altai Republic, a museum worker said on Wednesday.

Museum worker Raisa Kuchuganova said she visited the village of Margala in early March and a local woman showed her a painting called “Knight in leopard skin”. The owner of the painting said that during his 1926 expedition to the area, Roerich settled in the home of Margala villager Vakhromei Atmanov. Roerich subsequently presented one of Atamanov’s maids with a painting. This maid was the grandmother of today’s owner of the work.

“The painting depicts a heroic figure against the backdrop of mountains. I took a photograph of the painting and handed the photograph to the…Siberian Roerich Society,” the owner of the painting said.

Experts have yet to establish the authenticity of the painting.

Roerich visited Altai’s Uimon valley in 1926. He believed that the area was the centre of powerful bio-energy.

GORNO-ALTAISK, April 6 (RIA Novosti) 

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