Rebels Blame Themselves For Deadly Air Raid

download Flash from the Adobe download website. They said one of the opposition fighters fired into the air and the pilot “must have thought” the group was part of Colonel Gaddafi’s forces.
Sky’s security editor Sam Kiley reports from outside Brega. A rebel flag snapped in the wind next to the charred remains of a machine-gun shoved barrel-down into the sand.
They marked the fresh graves of 14 people, among them an ambulance crew – killed by a coalition air strike.
This was a scene that would delight Colonel Gaddafi – the dead were rebels, fighting to drive him from power.
But the fighters on the outskirts of Brega blamed themselves for the deaths of their comrades.
Faraj Imbrahim, a young guerilla standing by the graves, said: “It was a mistake.
“There was a convoy of ours…

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