Russia facing new diplomatic challenges Lavrov

Russia News.Net
Monday 10th February, 2014

Russia’s diplomacy is facing more and more challenges due to changing international situation, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Monday.

“The tasks we are facing are not becoming any easier. International situation requires maximal devotion and efficiency,” Xinhua quoted Lavrov as saying during a meeting to celebrate the annual Diplomatic Day.

He said that the Russian responsibility for global peace and security was increasing in a world that saw growing turbulence in various regions and more attempts to solve inter-civilisational and inter-religious problems by military force.

“Demand for our balanced responsible policy based on international law, justice and democratic principals in international relations has been growing,” the minister said, adding that Moscow’s balanced approach has received growing recognition.

To achieve more diplomatic fruits in 2014, the top Russian diplomat proposed to cooperate with partners in the UN, the Group of Eight and other international forums, which would highlight Russia’s continued efforts in the Eurasian integration process.

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