Russia urges Israel to join efforts in war-on-terror

The processes on the Middle East and in North Africa have tectonic nature, Russia’s President Dmitry Medvedev said Thursday meeting Israeli’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Moscow.

Medvedev said that according to him the situation in the region does not show signs of positive development and this reduces the number of options to reach compromises.

Medvedev has expressed his condolences to the Israeli Prime Minister following the recent terrorist attack in Jerusalem which killed one person and wounded about 40 others.  

He said that Russia and Israel should join efforts to fight terrorism.  “We should let them achieve their criminal goals”, he said.

In his turn Netanyahu thanked Russia for the assistance in fighting forest fires in the north of Israel last year. 

Now the global community should extinguish several “fires’ which are burning on the Middle East, he said. 

He said he hopes that new progressive and stable governments will come to power in the Islamic world.

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