Russian “zebras” to become solar powered

Pedestrian crossings will soon become easier to spot in Russian cities.

The authorities think they are too dangerous without nearby lights or signs.

Some pedestrian crossings will now be replaced by underground walkways, while others will be equipped with solar-powered lights that will work throughout the night.

Currently there are 13,500 pedestrian crossings in Moscow alone.

Russian authorities have recently become extremely concerned with the ever-growing number of accidents involving pedestrians. Local police have set up a number of events aimed at increasing security at pedestrian crossings.

For example, policeman have been targeting people who cross the road when the lights are red – or worse, when there are no traffic lights at all. Fines for pedestrians crossing the road at the wrong time or place are around 200 rubles ($7).

They have also been looking for drivers who do not stop at pedestrian crossings. Once caught, they face a fine of 1,000 rubles ($33).

Police statistics indicate that accidents involving pedestrians account for almost half of all road accidents.

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