Russian pilgrims offer prayers at Keralas Sabarimala shrine

Russia News.Net
Friday 22nd November, 2013

A 14-member Russian team worshipped at Lord Ayyappa’s temple at Sabarimala in Kerala on Friday.

The team was led by Russian Ayurvedic doctor and teacher, Induchoodan alias Iliya Padukova.

Sabarimala Temple is a Hindu pilgrimage spot in Kerala, and it is believed that Lord Ayyappan meditated here after killing several demons.

This is Dr. Induchoodan’s 15th visit to the Sabarimala temple.

“I don’t think about the temple, I feel from my heart, big love,” said Dr. Induchoodan.

Dressed in black attire, Russian devotees were seen chanting scriptures at the temple and conducted all rituals.

“How I came here, I came here… from my (with Guruswamy) from my teacher,” said Dr. Induchoodan.

The team of pilgrims included engineers and professionals from diverse meadows.

Pilgrims reached the temple after observing a fast for 41 days. They reached the shrine bare-footed. (ANI)

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