ESA launches satellite trio to study Earths magnetic shield

Russia News.Net
Saturday 23rd November, 2013

ESA’s three-satellite Swarm constellation was lofted into a near-polar orbit by a Russian Rockot launcher on November 22.

ESA’s three-satellite Swarm, for four years, will monitor Earth’s magnetic field, from the depth of our planet’s core to the heights of its upper atmosphere.

The Swarm satellites will give us unprecedented insights into the complex workings of the magnetic shield that protects our biosphere from charged particles and cosmic radiation.

They will perform precise measurements to evaluate its current weakening and understand how it contributes to global change.

Over the next three months of commissioning, their scientific payloads will be verified and they will move to their respective operational orbits.

The lower pair will fly in formation side by side, about 150 km (10 seconds) apart at the equator and at an initial altitude of 460 km, while the upper satellite will rise to a higher orbit, at 530 km. (ANI)

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