Siberian birds flock to Kanpurs wetlands

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Saturday 23rd November, 2013

With the advent of icy winters, migratory birds from Siberia have been making a beeline for the wetlands in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

Birds have flocked to the Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary and have made it their abode for the winter.

Birds such as the Siberian Crane, Greater Flamingo, Ruff, Black-winged Stilt, Common Teal, Common Greenshank, Northern Pintail, Wagtail, Wagtail, Northern Shoveler, Rosy Pelican and Gadwall, usually migrate to wetlands in India.

“The guests (migratory birds) have arrived in our bird sanctuary. These include Pintail, Gadwall, Garganey Teal, and Russian Coot,” said forest department official Sanjeev Kuril.

Sanctuary officials are also preparing to welcome these birds and make their stay as comfortable as possible.

“The lake is being cleaned for the arrival of the guests. A large area of the water body is not cleaned only a patch is required to be cleaned because fungus growing on the water is their food”, said wildlife authority official Awadhesh Kumar Verma.

The migratory birds begin their annual flight from Siberia, travel through Afghanistan and Central Asia and arrive in India for the entire season. (ANI)

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