United Russia program to contain many socially important plans

MOSCOW, September 1 (Itar-Tass) —— The election program of the United Russia Party will contain many socially important initiatives. “The People’s Program, the party’s program for the election to the State Duma, will contain a spate of initiatives of social support,” Sergei Neverov, the acting secretary of the Presidium of the General Council of United Russia, told reporters on Thursday.

Neverov stressed that the implementation of a number of such projects started from September 1. “The project for modernization of education was launched this year on the initiative of Vladimir Putin, the leader of the United Russia Party and All-Russia People’s Front. The project envisages comprehensive re-equipment of schools and increase of the teacher salaries fund. It is now implemented in all Russian regions. The 30-percent increase of the teacher salaries fund on an average is envisaged in the framework of the project from the beginning of the school year,” he noted.

Students’ scholarships are to grow by nine percent from the beginning of the academic year, Neverov added. “We later plan to discuss jointly with the All-Russia People’s Front and the government the measures for additional support of students in the spheres of special importance to Russia’s economy. The best students and post-graduate students can get higher scholarships from the next year,” he said.

Noting that the indexing of wages and salaries of those employed in the public sector is planned for the yearend, Neverov stressed that the All-Russia People’s Front and United Russia will continue to support socially important projects.

The social policy is the matter on which United Russia has to oppose the left wing and the right wing, Neverov said. “While we try to make transformations without the detriment to people and see as our main task the improvement of the living standards, our opponents act differently,” he said. The left-wingers actually suggest stopping the country’s development and returning to Soviet-style social insurance and society plagued by shortages. The so-called right-wingers suggest imposing severe working conditions on people. Neverov said United Russia regards any proposals to settle social or economic problems at the expense of citizens as unacceptable.


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