Uzbek citizen faces long prison term for threat to US president.

27/7 Tass 77

NEW YORK, July 27 (Itar-Tass) —— The U.S. Federal Grand Jury has brought an official charge against a citizen of Uzbekistan who threatened to kill President Barack Obama. The 21- year old Uzbek citizen Ulugbek Kodirov even bought an assault rifle and a grenade cluster to carry out his sinister plan, Attorney Joyce White Vance said in Alabama.

According to official documents, Kodirov was arrested in his hotel room in Birmingham, Alabama, on July 13 after he had bought the rifle from a disguised agent of the US secret services. The US attorney said that the defendant had repeatedly declared that he intended to kill the president of the United States.

The US immigration authorities said that Kodirov- a citizen of Uzbekistan, arrived in the United States with a student visa in 2009. His U.S. visa was revoked in April 2010 after Kodirov failed to enter an institute in the U.S.

Ulugbek Kodirov, accused on four counts of the criminal charge for threat to the U.S. president and illegal weapons possession, faces a maximum prison term of five years for each of his public threats addressed to President Obama and a prison term up to ten years on each of the other counts of the criminal charge.

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