“I’ll deal with one Klitschko then the other” – Adamek

Polish heavyweight Tomasz Adamek, who takes on Vitaly Klitschko on September 10, says he is going to defeat his opponent and then do the same to his younger brother Wladimir.

­“As long as Wladimir will not join his brother Vitaly on September 10 in the ring, I’m fine,” Adamek told Fightnews.com. “I would like Vitaly’s fight to be a technical one, because this is one of my strengths. I will not even try to convince people that I will do all what I can to win, because if somebody does not know this about me it means he never saw me in the ring. I know that Wladimir has a reason to study me – he’s next in line, my next fight after beating his older brother.”

Forty-year-old WBC champ Vitaly Klitschko had to make a break in his training due to politics as ex-PM Yulia Timoshenko was arrested in his home country in Ukraine.    

But Adamek is fully focused on his bout preparations, which take place in the US, and says he pays no attention to any news from his rival’s camp.

“Zero interest. It has nothing to do with our work here, in Bushkill. Vitaly knows what to do to be the best and I’m not paying attention to so called ‘distractions’ in his camp. I’m assuming that Vitaly will be the best he can be when we meet in the middle of the ring on September 10. I’m expecting nothing less than Vitaly being 100-per cent ready, ready for him having fight of his life,” the Pole stressed.

The September 10 bout is to take place at a 40,000-seat arena in Wroclaw, Poland.

Adamek is the former WBC world light heavyweight champion and the former IBF, IBO and The Ring magazine cruiserweight champion, who held his first heavyweight fight in 2009.  

His record in the ring is 44 wins (28Kos) and just one defeat.

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