Abkhazia commemorates victims of Georgian aggression

SUKHUM, August 8 (Itar-Tass) —— Abkhazia has held commemoration acts in memory of the victims killed as a result of the Georgian aggression against Abkhazia on August 8, 2008.

The South Ossetian embassy in Sukhum conducted a commemoration act attended by Acting prime minister Beslan Kubrava, Vice-premiers Alexander Stranichkin and Vakhtang Pipia, Foreign Minister Maxim Gvindzhia, Russian ambassador to Abkhazia Semyon Grigoryev and Abkhazian ambassador to Russia Igor Akhba.

Participants in the act of remembrance observed a minute of silence in memory of the victims of the Georgian aggression. The speakers who addressed the meeting emphasized a great role Russia played during that hard period. “Russia has saved two nations,” the speakers stressed. “The memory of all those, who died as a result of the aggression unleashed by Mikhail Saakashvili and his politics of genocide, will always be fresh in our hearts,” they declared.

On behalf of the people of South Ossetia its ambassador Robert Kokoyev thanked representatives of the Abkhazian leadership and the Abkhazian people for support given in that difficult time.

Prayers for all those killed during the tragic days in August 2008 were said at all the churches in Abkhazia.

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