Abkhazians make conscious choice in presidential elections

SUKHUM, August 27 (Itar-Tass) —— Abkhazian citizens “have made a conscious choice” in the presidential elections on Friday, acting Abkhazian President Nugzar Ashuba said on Saturday. “No one lost, all of us won,” he said at the information center of the Central Elections Commission (CEC) on Saturday.

According to the preliminary election results, which CEC Chairman Batal Tabagua made public on Saturday, Alexander Ankvab was elected as president of Abkhazia already in the first round. Ankvab gained 54.86% of votes. His main rival Sergei Shamba polled 21.04% of votes. Raul Khadzhimba got 19.83% of votes. The turnout has made 71.92%.

The Abkhazian people won a victory in the main political event on Abkhazia’s Independence Day, Ashuba noted. The acting president is satisfied that the presidential candidates show tolerance and respect to each other and their nation. “The nation showed the most sincere feelings to the candidates,” Ashuba pointed out.

“Many experts stated that Abkhazia should pass one more exam and that is absolutely right. We are building our state, and our population set an example of a bold state construction,” Ashuba remarked.

Ashuba noted that he met with all three presidential candidates, who were running in the elections, in the small hours on Saturday. “All of them are the best representatives of our nation, and we could be proud of him, if any of them is elected, but people have made their own choice. I believe that all candidates and their supporters will be needed in the construction of our country under the principle of professionalism,” Ashuba noted. He urged all Abkhazians to consolidate over the idea for the construction of the democratic state.

The acting president thanked all observers and journalists, who arrived to monitor the general elections in the republic.


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