Apple of the eye

Pablo Picasso once said that he painted objects the way he thought of them, not as he got to see them. The same could be probably said about the Spanish photographer Chema Madoz. Imagination rules his world.

­His creative motto is: everything is not what it seems to be.

The Madrid-born dreamer finds inspiration in little everyday objects hidden among our daily routines – from forks to watches, shoes to books, envelopes to pens. It is not about what, but why and how, that concerns the Spanish artist.  

Recognized by his signature black-and-white surrealist photographs earning him comparisons with Rene Magritte, Madoz is driven by metaphors and fantasies.

His images often serve as the “living examples” of the collision of common sense and flight of fancy.

Photo by Chema Madoz (Image from

Like a professional chef who knows the right measure of everything, Madoz expertly mixes salt, pepper and sugar which in his case are such creative “ingredients” as Absurd, Paradox and Humor.The artist wraps recognizable objects in his trademark irony, making the viewers look at familiar objects from a different, funny perspective.

The 53-year-old Madoz strips things off their habitual “clothing” to the point where we might get to see them bare, for the first time ever.

A selection of works is on display at Moscow’s Multimedia Art Museum through to August 28.

­Valeria Paikova, RT

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