Historama, August 3

High speed trains and movie celebrities have made this day in Russian history.

Russia’s first international movie festival kicks off

On this day in 1959, Moscow hosted its first International Movie Festival.

Back in the day, the festival’s slogan was the very Soviet-sounding: “Humanity of cinema, peace and friendship between nations.”

However, it did not prevent a Soviet movie, “Destiny of a Man,” from winning the top prize.

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In 1972, the event was listed among the A-class festivals, alongside the Cannes, Berlin and Venice festivals.

This year, friendship between nations was established successfully, with many international celebrities visiting Moscow – including dreamy Adrian Brody, to the delight of Russian ladies.

The top prize went to the Venezuelan film “Hermano.”

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First airport express launched

On this day in 2002, the first express airport rail link was opened.

It connects Domodedovo airport with Paveletskiy train station in central Moscow.

This made the trip much shorter – just 45 minutes, compared with two hours previously.

Later, more routes were established connecting the city with other airports.

Tickets are cheap, making the trains accessible to even to economy travelers.

­Kremlin-landing US pilot forgiven for dangerous stunt

On this day in 1988, 20-year-old German amateur pilot Mathias Rust was released as a goodwill gesture to the West.

A year earlier, he flew from Hamburg to Moscow without being shot down by the Soviet Union’s air-defense system, which mistook his aircraft for a rescue plane.

The young pilot landed on the bridge behind by St. Basil’s Cathedral, got out of the plane and started giving autographs. Police officers immediately arrested him.

He was sentenced to four years for hooliganism and breaching the Soviet border. Since the stunt, some have referred to Red Square as “Sheremetyevo 3.”

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