Bacteria enlisted in cleanup of iconic Moscow park

Environmentalists descended on Gorky Park today to give it a cutting-edge cleanup using the latest in biochemistry.

They used a product containing microorganisms created by Russian scientists designed to replenish soil.

The microorganisms consume pesticides that have accumulated in the soil. As a result, the park should become greener, cleaner and healthier.

With new owners in charge, Gorky Park is now undergoing major renovations scheduled to be completed in five years.

Although the picture-postcard view with roller-coaster rides on the bank of the Moskva River is about to become part of history, the park still has plenty to offer.

“If we’re talking in terms of large recreation zones, this project can be compared to France’s Disneyland,” Konstantin Kovalev, managing partner of the Blackwood realty agency, told RT. “It should have a hotel and many leisure zones for different ages.”

Among Gorky Park’s other recently-built sites is a city beach right on the banks of the Moskva River, which is already decorated for the cause as there are a range of beautiful pots with olive trees from Italy.

The park has also rolled out a new action-packed sports program for the next three months. You can attend free yoga lessons and take part in dance and fitness classes led by one of Russia’s top gyms.

In addition, the park now boasts free Wi-Fi areas, as well as bike rentals that cost 200 rubles per hour per bike.

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