Belaya Rus may become Belarus’ ruling party

MINSK, August 14 (Itar-Tass) — Belarus’ republican public association Belaya Rus may become the country’s ruling party, the speaker of the upper house of parliament, Anatoly Rubinov, told a meeting with the party’s activists in the Mogilev region on Saturday.

“Undoubtedly, people should act on their own initiative. I see that the organization is ready to strengthen its political role and show itself more actively,” he said. “Belaya Rus may become the ruling party.”

Rubinov noted that “the country remembers the times when such structures were created at the word of command from above, citizens were forced to join, but all this is senseless.”

“If people demonstrate their interest, this organization will become the party,” he said adding that Belaya Rus was initiated by citizens who expressed their intention to take an active part in the country’s public life.

“Today the country is being tested for economic stability and independence,” and in many respects it depends from Belaya Rus’ activists whether the republic will overcome these difficulties painlessly.

The republican public association Belarus Rus was created in November 2007. As of January, 2011, there were 112,000 members in its ranks. The first deputy head of the president’s administration, Alexander Ryadkov, is the association’s leader.


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