Cameroon ‘wizards’ held in Moscow for paper-into-dollars scam

Two “African sorcerers” were detained in Moscow for selling a potion which they claimed would magically turn paper into U.S. dollars, the police said on Wednesday.

Two Cameroonians, aged 30 and 27, reportedly “swindled $10,000 out of one of their victims under the guise of a magic metamorphosis,” the department said in a statement.

To convince people that their potion worked, they sandwiched a 100-dollar note between two pieces of paper, poured the liquid on it and packed it into aluminum foil “to trigger a reaction.” Then they secretly replaced the envelope with a similar one containing real money.

Police believe the men have already conned a number of Russians.

Last year, at least two groups of Cameroon nationals were detained for scams involving “magical liquid.”

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