Jury passes guilty verdict in murder of Russian football fan

A Moscow city court jury has found Ahmedpasha Aidayev and Bekhan Ibragimov guilty of the premeditated murder of Yury Volkov, a fan of the football club Spartak.

As established by the investigation, a fight between Volkov, Aidayev and Ibragimov took place in the center of Moscow on July 10, 2010. The defendants provoked a conflict with a group of young men.

While passing a group of young men, Aidayev intentionally shouldered one of them and then slapped him in the face. At the same time, Ibragimov took a knife from his pocket and stabbed two men with it. Aidayev then fatally knifed Volkov in the chest.

The jury found Aidayev guilty of premeditated murder, hooliganism and battery and Ibragimov of hooliganism and inflicting minor bodily harm. Aidayev could face life imprisonment and Ibragimov could receive up to seven years in prison.

Another Spartak fan, Yegor Sviridov, was shot dead in a late night brawl in December 2010. The incident has since sparked race-hate riots and ethnic clashes across Russia.


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