Catch of the day: Fish-slapped girl gets spiny attachment

Things were going great for Tina and her friends as they were out on the beach catching some sun and fooling around in a video supposedly filmed in the United States.

A little fish-slapping never hurt anyone, right? Wrong. Tina, as her friends call her, wearing sunglasses and a large-brimmed straw hat, really had it coming when her buddy slapped her with a catfish.

The fish got stuck to Tina’s skin and wouldn’t come off. It just stayed there, dangling from her leg. “This is my life now,” she says.

video credit: kay cee

The trick is that catfish have serrated spines in their fins and if they penetrate the flesh it’s difficult to remove them without tearing the skin.

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A follow up video shows Tina lying on her side as a friend holds ice to the area to which the fish is firmly attached. Behind the scenes the crowd suggests “pure vodka” as a possible aid to the situation.

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