Chavez pleased with Moscow builders’ construction work in Caracas

CARACAS, August 28 (Itar-Tass) —— Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has highly appraised the construction work of Moscow builders in a Caracas area. During the cabinet meeting on Saturday, the Venezuelan leader had a tele-conference with the large construction site. He called it a mega-project.

Moscow specialists build a 6,300-apartment complex with schools, kindergartens, a medical centre and a sport centre. The total volume of investments in the mega-project amount to 6.8 bln Bolivares (over 1.5 bln dlrs). The “Moscow” district is being built up within the national programme Great Housing Mission, the objective of which is construction of two million homes in the country in seven years.

Venezuela’s authorities plan to allocate 60 bln Bolivares (almost 14 bln dlrs) for the implementation of the programme. Given the scope of the task, Chavez’s government attracted several friendly states, including Russia, to carry it out. Aside from Russian builders, construction companies of Belarus and China participate in the implementation, and their colleagues from Brazil and Turkey are expected to join.


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