DNA on pizza links suspect to quadruple DC homicide

Reuters/Luke MacGregor

Reuters/Luke MacGregor

Washington, DC police found DNA on the crust of a Domino’s pizza delivered to a mansion where hostages were held, gaining enough information from it to issue an arrest warrant for a quadruple homicide suspect, the Washington Post reported.

The warrant was issued for welder Daron Dylon Wint, 34, from
Maryland. He is suspected of slaying wealthy construction
executive Savvas Savopoulos, 46; along with his wife, Amy, 47;
their 10-year-old son, Philip; and their housekeeper, Veralicia
Figueroa, 57, in their Washington mansion last week.

Police do not know Wint’s whereabouts, but officials believe he
may be in New York City. His girlfriend lives in Brooklyn.

DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier said “just about every law
enforcement officer across the country
” is on the lookout
for Wint, who is a former Marine.

Right now it does not appear that this was a random
,” Lainer told reporters, although she did not discuss
possible motives and would not describe any evidence.

“Even his family has made pleas for him to turn himself
,” Lanier said. “It would be much easier if he would
just turn himself in.”

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Law enforcement officials, who spoke to the Washington Post on the condition
of anonymity, said detectives think the family and housekeeper
had been held overnight in the home, and that at one point they
may have been bound.

Police have said little about how they were killed, other than
that three had wounds consistent with blunt force or a sharp
object. Authorities also have said the mansion was set on fire.

During the family’s final hours, someone called a Domino’s Pizza,
just two miles from their house, and ordered pizza on May 13th.
Another housekeeper told the Associated Press she thought the
family and their housekeeper had been held captive for nearly a
day before they were killed.

The Washington Post reported that Savopoulos’ personal assistant
dropped off a package containing $40,000 in cash at the home on
the morning of May 14, after a flurry of phone calls between
Savopoulos, a bank, an accountant, the personal assistant, and
his company, American Iron Works. Savopoulous’ two teenage
daughters were away at boarding school at the time of the

The mansion was set on fire at 1:30 pm. When firefighters
arrived, they found four bodies with evidence of being killed
before the fire started. The cash was gone and so was
Savopoulous’ blue Porsche, which was later found set on fire in a
parking lot in New Carrollton, Maryland.

The home is in an affluent DC neighborhood near Washington’s
National Cathedral and Vice President Joe Biden’s official

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