Falling short: fighter jet crashes at air show (video)

A fighter jet has crashed during an air show in northern China, leaving one pilot injured and the other missing presumed dead.

­The incident took place at an air show in Pucheng County in the northwest Shaanxi Province.

The organizers did not say what type of fighter plane was involved in the crash. But Xinhua news agency reports it was a two-seat, twin-engine fighter-bomber Flying Leopard – or JH-7.

National broadcaster CCTV caught the moment when the Chinese-made plane fell from the sky and burst into flames as it hit the ground.  

Witnesses have said they saw one pilot eject from the plane, but his parachute failed to fully open due to the low altitude. He was hospitalized, Xinhua news agency reported.

The crash happened some distance from the main air show venue.

“There were no casualties on the ground,” AFP reported, quoting the China International General Aviation Convention.

A search operation to find the second pilot is ongoing and an investigation has been launched.

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