From Russia: An Expats Parable by Svetlana!

From Russia: An Expats Parable by Svetlana!

Svet’s Expats parable:


I’ve heard this parable from my Teacher a long time ago…

Now I decided to retell the story for You. Who knows it might be helpful to somebody in their life.Imagine an old oriental town, an old man is sitting and enjoying the sunny day near the town’s gate. A shepherd with his sheep is watching this scene:

A tired stranger comes to the old man, sits down near him and asks the old man: “Please, tell me about the town, what kind of people live here?” The old man then said “First, tell me about your place and from where you have come.” The stranger replied, “Really, nothing to tell – it was old, dirty and a boring town. People who lived there were evil and nasty, just quarrels and scandals every day.” “Well,”-said the old man – “It is sad to tell, but here you’ll find the same. A dirty, boring town and people here is not better than in place what you just left”. The stranger then sat a little bit with the old man, ate his breakfast then he left.

Some hours later another stranger came to this old man to ask about this town and the people who live in this town. This old man was not in a hurry to answer this question. He just asked the stranger a question back. About his place where he had come from. The stranger said “Oh, it was a wonderful place, so quiet and peaceful! And people who lived there: they were so kind and nice to me, we became such great friends and we even cried when I had to leave!” The old man replied “Don’t worry, stranger – you’ll find new friends in this town and find this town the same peaceful and quiet. Just go on in!”

The sun started to go down and the shepherd his sheep to go back to the town, he stopped near the old man and asked him why he gave such different answers to these two strangers.

“I did not lie to them.” Responded the old man.”The truth is that in each place that you visit you will find the same circumstances as the place you left. You will also find in this world, just who you are. Also that there is no way to find something different in the world. Till you change yourself. For you always bring your world with you”.

This parable is for people who wants to find greener grass in new places – believe me, that’s improbable…

But maybe, You will find it! Because when you just got this thought to go somewhere else, you may be already changed yourself. Then you can become a New Person.

Who knows…

My best wishes for All!

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