Helicopter crashes at airshow in Russia, 1 pilot dead

One pilot managed to eject and his health is in satisfactory condition, but a second pilot died in the crash, according to Russia’s Defense Ministry.

While performing a stunt, a helicopter belonging to the Berkuty (Golden Eagles) aerobatic team suddenly banked on one side and started to lose height.

“The helicopter went into flat-attitude spin and crash-landed,” Russia’s Defense Ministry said in a statement.

The helicopter crashed in a forest near the airfield and burst into flames on impact with the ground. Firefighters arrived at the crash site and extinguished the fire within minutes.

The helicopter is damaged beyond repair, RIA Novosti reports.

The international military aviation competition Aviadarts-2015 opened in Russia as part of the Army Games, dubbed the “world’s first military Olympics” early last week. Military aircraft from four countries have been competing in live ammunition shooting at specially constructed targets.

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