‘Helping orphans is expat’s way to say thanks’

‘Helping orphans is expat’s way to say thanks’

Published: 12 November, 2011, 00:33

Image from pomogi.org

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Prime Time Russia,
Anya Fedorova,
Neil Harvey,
Lindsay France

Aroma therapy at Domodedovo airport, expats’ efforts to help Russian orphans and a brand new laser designed to catch drunken drivers have attracted expats’ attention this week.

Today: 00:33

Moscow declares war to street advertisements

The authorities are clamping down on advertising in Moscow streets, after 60 per cent of the ads turned out to be unauthorized.

Today: 01:13

Expat musicians muse over Moscow rhythm

A trio of international musicians has teamed up to record a fusion album dedicated to the Russian capital. RT did not miss the chance to catch up with the band’s drummer, Damien Schmitt.

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